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Online Giving has been suspended on this site during our transition
from Lake Palms Community Church to Crosspointe Church.

Going forward, there is an online giving page at Crosspointe Church

No Online Giving option for LPCC Legacy Group

We are excited to embark on this next chapter of God's plan as Crosspointe Church to further God’s kingdom. 
While there will continue to be many details yet to be decided and implemented, we want to clarify the FINANCIAL aspect. 

On March 5, when giving your tithes and offerings, please designate your giving to “LPCC Legacy”, to insure Pastor Michael Carter’s salary for 2017.  If you give cash, it MUST go in an envelope designated LPCC Legacy Group..  ALL Lake Palms Community Church funds will be transferred to the control offerings that day will be given as a special gift to Pastor Michael and Yvette in gratitude and celebration for their service and leadership to Lake Palms Community Church.

On March 6, all Lake Palms Community Church funds will be transferred to the control of the South Atlantic Conference and held in escrow in a separate account designated “LPCC Legacy Group”, which will go to support Pastor Michael’s salary as he serves on staff at Crosspointe Church.  This arrangement is for the remainder of 2017.
On and after March 12 through December 31, 2017, when giving tithes and offerings, make your check payable to Crosspointe Church and indicate “LPCC Legacy” in the memo section and put in an envelope labeled “LPCC Legacy”.  If you give cash, it MUST go in an envelope designated “LPCC Legacy”.   Our giving will help ensure Pastor Michael Carter’s salary through 2017.


Contact a member of the LPCC Steering Committee

Barbara  Fox:  727-410-2588

Dan Hummer:  727-399-8801

Gordon Koncelik:  727-530-5850

Frank Meitz:  775-544-9636